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Oh God. When was the last time I updated this? Hahahaha. Loong looooong whiiiile. But yup, here I am to salvage whatever's left to actually work with. Hahaha. You might think that I've actually abandoned this journal -- Nope. Not yet. But I've been thinking about making another one. The username has served its purpose. And I shall miss it verreh verreh much. But before I move, I'll update first. ^^ I shall do my dudielebasei some much needed justice. Hahaha.

So the 3rd quarter's finally here. About to end, actually. In, say, three more weeks. This quarter's shorter than the others. It's like.. Six weeks of pure hell. Hell weeks. 6 of them. GOD. Hahaha. At least I'm already through with the first circle.. Meaning.. My Persuasive Speech. It's a sort of debate-ish speaking activity but I don't get to bash anyone. Spontaneous speech defending a side of a certain idea. In my case, it was about divorce.

I think I can relate. Even though divorce is hardly even thought about here where I live -- Yes, people.. It has not been legalized.. or honored.. here -- I can easily put myself in a divorce child's position. I mean. My parents are separated.. For 10 years now.. So I suppose there really is no difference. 'swhy I considered the activity fun.. If not exhausting and, in a lot of ways, stressful. But it was fun. I said SHIT in front of everyone! God. Hahaha. Even my English teacher. Her eyes bulged but she laughed, anyway. Hahaha. Or at least I think she did. Ah well. One of those I will never forget instances for her.

I received my report card already. ^^ I got a B in every subject except for Home Ec and Christian Living. I got a B- and A- in those subs respectively. God. I can't believe I got a B in Math. I got a C last quarter. Wooooooot..! Hahahaha. XD I need two more As so I can get a God-damned award. I want to earn one before I migrate to Canada next year. Or next next year. Doesn't matter. I just want one. Now. Hahahaha. Such a brat.

Harry Potter premiered yesterday! But I'm not so excited anymore. Hahaha. After reading the 6th book.. Eeeeh. But I liked HBP. I love the characterization of Snape. I've always loved that character. Actually, I've always loved antagonists in general. There's just something about them that's.. Not so mainstream. Hahaha. Pining for the most fangirl-ed characters/actors/musicians can get pretty tiring. No originality. ;__; Hahahaha. I have no idea why but yeap. I'm just so cool like that. XD!

EDIT: I got a new LJ! shinzon. Hahahaha. Go and add it. XD! Inspired by Bio.
troy - innocence


God. Last week was one of the most hell-ish weeks I've ever had. It was so fucking stressing that it was almost.. unbearable. Haha. Well in a way it was.. But in some ways, it wasn't. I loved being with my beloved class. Haha. I said the same thing over at my Multiply but it's true. I love my class. ♥ They make each and every day count. I love going to school now. Haha. Only because of them. They're just.. there. LIke a family. =) Haha. Sophomore year really is the.. bonding year.. haha.. According to our homeroom adviser.. Who, by the way, rocks my frickin MC socks. :)) She's just. Cool. Like the class. ;D She teaches Bio and the subject's not my best but still. :)) Anyone would be able to enjoy her lectures. ♥ Haha. Rar.

Now I'm in the Computer Lab. Yes. here at school. :)) Teacher's absent. Substitute teacher told us we can all use the internet. God. It's like a frickin' internet cafe over ehre. Hahaha. Thank God there aren't any games installed in these computers. Not that PC games are our primary activities but.. Haha. The sounds would be.. O__O;; Omg. Help me. Please..? :))! Kidding.
Okay. That's it. ♥
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Rawr. Well it's been a while since I last updated. Omg. I'm such an irresponsible blogger -- Or, rather -- Irresponsible. Period. Haha. xDD Nah. Just too damn lazy. Oh yeah.. I got my report card already. Though that's old news. xDD Like I said -- I'm an irresponsible blogger. I should've updated sooner but.. My bad. Lol.♥

Math - B-
Biology -B-
Filipino - C
Social Studies - C
English - A-
Christian Living - A-

Groar. I'm so redundant with my grades. Compared to our first grading last year, my English didn't improve. My Social Studies and my Filipino.. well.. faltered a bit but at least I didn't get a C in Math like I did last year. My mom wants me to be an honor student this quarter. xDD Haha. God help me. Please Lord.♥

Theeen -- Math Long Test tomorrow. Oh noes. I love Math now. Haha. I'm not very good with numbers but at least now -- I understand the topics. Or at least.. Half of it. Hahaha. xDD I'm passing Homeworks now. I need to be responsible. I have to. I need to. I want to. Yay for determination!♥

Well that's it. >.< I'll update this weekend. I promise.♥ Heee. Bai.


New layout!! Haha. xDD Thanks to old for the whole thing and to Mita ( perfect0sonnet ) for making me realize that the other one was.. too old already. xDD She didn't say anything but -- Haha. xD After seeing her LJ, I finally realized that it's high time to change my blog's design.

It's getting boring. =[ Aaaw.

xDD Visit my GJ, though! xDD haha. I lurve GJ. 2000 icons vs. LJ's 3. Awh. Competitiooon. Haha. xDD But still -- LJ's the best place to interact with other blogs. GJ's just for those who're bored enough to post 2000 icons. 2000 100x100 virtual boxes. Hahaha. xDD Namely -- ME. I'm such a loser.♥

Well anyway... At the "request" of my dearest friend Bebe, I should update this whole thing. Like. Seriously. Haha. xDD Without those icon thingies and whatnot. Just. Update.

OKAY. Stalling. Wewt. HYPER!! Haha. xDD Sorry. Ate apples. Sugar rush! Wooo.


ENGLISH - OhGodOhGodOhGodOhGodOhGod. Dramatic Monologue!! I screwed up! Like. Bigtime. I was. ARGH. I did. OHNO. xDD Hahaha. Panicking! Panicking! Chaotic. Chaotic. If one would translate what's going on in my head right now into a piece of art or a movie, I think he/she should use tht 'panicking' scene in Titanic -- Where the ship's about to sink and the emo!Captain locks himself inside the bridge and stuff. xDD Haha.

But anyway -- Yeah. >.< Oooh nooo. Major blooper. BUT. xDD They said my speech was alright... The delivery's just too damn shitty that reliving the whole thing by remembering and.. typing.. and.. stuff.. is making me queasy. Nomorenomorenomore. xDD! hahaha.

BIOLOGY - Long test! Hahaha. I think I was satisfactory. xDD Wewt. Deep word. Omg. I just hope I wouldn't run out of English words during the exam. hahaha. I studied from 1am to.. Around.. 4am. That was earlier this morning. I fell asleep at 6pm (almost immediately after I arrived from school) yesterday and woke up at 1. xD Wow. Nice.

During our laboratory experiment day thingie, I forgot to bring my apron! RAWR. So my consequence (slash punishment) was to make my own lab report that was due earlier today. I haven't even started yet! Oh noes. Was too busy studying for the 95-item quiz to think about the lab report. So irresponsible of me. Darnit.

MATH - I finally understand a quarter of the whole thing!! BUT. The deal is that -- They wouldn't be including that part that I was able to understand in the periodic exam this week. Omg. >.< I'm so dead. I asked for something to do for extra credit -- Sir Alvarez told me that I should get an A- on my exam. Oh no. v.v;;

Well that's about it! xDD Hahaha. I'm so frickin' boring. v.v;; Blogs aren't so interesting if they're written by the average High School student studying in an all-girl school who's got little (if not none) sense of fun and stuff.

>.< Awh. Too bad.

xDD! Hahaha. Ciao. ;*

...Another. v.v;;

Made icons again. xDD Hahaha.

Edit 2: Ack. >.< Haha. xDD Never mind. O___O;; I forgot to ask permission from the Deviant Art people. >.< -Eyetwitch- Shall repost after doing so. ;*



I watched Fantastic Four!!

xDD Haha. I went to Eastwood with my friend Iris (the other -- Ferocious -- Wasn't able to join us. She went to the gym. xDD Weekly training and whatnot. xP Yickee. Determined!)... Then Tricia (aka Monsod) went with us... Then Diane (aka Dai... -Gigglesnort-) arrived at 4pm (movie was over already).

It ROCKED my fluffy school socks! xDD SUPER.

I agree with my classmate (forgot who. v.v;;). It was better than Batman Begins (which I watched with my friend, Ferocious, in Eastwood too -- AND. v.v;; Monsod and Dai were there. xD Haha. Yickee!). Don't get me wrong, though.. Batman was hawt. Hawter than the rest of them (except for the Val Kilmer versions. xDD God.) BUT.

Fantastic Four tickled more of my fancy than Batman did.

IT'S so effin funny. xDD And besides.. Ioan Gruffudd (aka Lancelot in Jerry Bruckheimer's King Arthur was there) and OMG. So much angst. Subtle but still present. SLASH, too. xDD Slash -- brotherly-like -- moments between Mr. Fantastic and The Thing. -Gigglesnort- What a pairing.